[Veritas-bu] restores from client not working

2012-06-26 14:58:08
Subject: [Veritas-bu] restores from client not working
From: Wayne Smith <wts AT maine DOT edu>
To: veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu
Date: Tue, 26 Jun 2012 14:58:04 -0400
Hi all,

I have NetBackup Enterprise server 6.5.5 and a Linus 6 client using the 7.0 GA client ... and yes, I know this is not supported.  The client wants to use a 64-bit client so as to avoid installing a bunch of 32-bit packages.

Almost everything appears to work.  I can successfully connect from the backup server and run backups and restores.   The client can use bplist and run user backups.

However, any sort of restore (bp, bprestore or java client) from the client does not work and does not cause a restore job on the server.  I'm guessing that some part of the NetBackup client is needing a package and the protocol-less NetBackup is swallowing up the message, never to be seen by humans.

Has anyone seen this, have a work-around, or suggestion for finding the cause/fix?

Cheers, Wayne
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