Re: [Veritas-bu] Vmware files to be backed up

2012-06-14 12:13:19
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Vmware files to be backed up
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Hi Dan.


All files required to completely restore the VM (such as the files you mention below) are included with the backup and are restored when a full VM restore is implemented.  When we began using the VADP (started with the 7.0 release) some of these files were not listed in the interface but they are properly backed up and restored.



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Subject: [Veritas-bu] FW: Vmware files to be backed up


 Hi all -

We've just upgraded to recently and have started testing the VM backups using enterprise client.

I do see that we're getting the vmdk files backed up, but don't see the others that our VM guy says we need to do a restore.

This is my first attempt at this VM backup.  All the documentation I've seen doesn't mention these other files needed for restore, just the vmdk's.

I think he's saying this as he's been using vRanger, and it picks up these other files, which are in the same folder as the vmdk's.

Is Veritas just not getting them, or are they needed for a full VM restore, or am I looking in the wrong place in the restore GUI?

I do see the vmdk's in the restore gui, not the other files.

Obviously, I'm just getting going on this, and perhaps I messed something up in the backup config...
Dan K




 Subject: Vmware files to be backed up


We need to backup the .vmdk, .vmx, and .nvram in order to restore a full virtual server.  I have listed below what these files are for.


.VMDK- These represent each virtual hard drive (ie C: E:)


.VMX- The main configuration file.  Has info on OS type, SCSI controller type, NIC,etc


.NVRAM- Is the virtual BIOS settings

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