Re: [Veritas-bu] Upgrade NetBackup from 6.5.6 (x86) to (x64)

2012-06-07 07:52:38
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Upgrade NetBackup from 6.5.6 (x86) to (x64)
From: Kevin OConnor <Kevin.OConnor AT ESBI DOT IE>
To: veritas-bu <veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu>
Date: Thu, 7 Jun 2012 12:51:33 +0100

Hi Anurag,


This doc might be of some use.


I recently upgraded to 7.0.1 and new hardware, after researching it a lot it was easier than I expected.

We however kept the IP addresses the same to save hassle with media and client server connections, especially any behind a firewall.

I also ran a catalog backup to a SAN disk for part of the migration.


Here’s the general steps I carried out.


1.       The master server was running 6.5.5 on Windows 2003 so I first upgraded it to 7.0.1, NBUMServer1.

2.       I had a second server with windows 2008 x64 R2 with a different name but no Netbackup installation, NBUMServer2.

3.       I then stopped the NBUMServer1 services and disabled them in case someone tried to start them.

4.       Rename NBUMServer1 to NBUMServer3

5.       Assign new IP address to NBUMServer3

6.       Reboot NBUMServer3

7.       Delete the NBUMServer1 Active Directory account & DNS entry.

8.       Make sure the IP address of NBUMServer1 is free (ping –a NBUMServer3_ipaddress should not name a server)

9.       Change IP address on NBUMServer2 to NBUMServer1_ipaddress

10.   Rename the NBUMServer2 to NBUMServer1.

11.   Reboot the new NBUMServer1.

12.   Connect SAN drive with Catalog backup to NBUMServer1.

13.   Install Netbackup 7.0 x64 Master Server onto new NBUMServer1 box

14.   Patch to 7.0.1

15.   Stop all Netbackup Services

16.   Perform a Catalog restore from the SAN Drive

17.   Add Media server list back into Netbackup (Host Properties > Master Servers > Servers > Media Servers)

18.   Reboot NBUMServer1

19.   Install Java and copy conf file from NBUMServer3

20.   Copy over hosts file from NBUMServer3

21.   Run nbtstat –R

22.   Restart Netbackup Services


At that point everything came up on the New Hardware as the original Master Server Name and with everything still intact.


You could then connect both the ATL’s and the VTL to the new master server and have access to all of the old backups for restores.


Hope that helps.





Kevin O’Connor | Storage Management | Service Delivery | Technology Solutions | ESB Business Service Centre |


From: Anurag Sharma [mailto:sharma.anurag AT hotmail DOT com]
Sent: 01 June 2012 5:28P
To: veritas-bu
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Upgrade NetBackup from 6.5.6 (x86) to (x64)


Hi Team,
We have one netbackup master server which is on x86 windows 2003 running netbackup 6.5.6 with two tape libraries LTO2/LTO3 respectively.
We have procured a new mastter server which is on 064 windows 2008 R2 with netbackup with EMC data domain DD890.
Now we have to migrate all the backups from old master server to the new master server.
I have following questions
Is it possible to migrate netbackup from one hardware to another ? I know the the netbackup master serve name has to be the same but can it have a differnet IP  ???
I was thinking first upgrading the exisisting server to 7.5 and connect it to data domain and move all the backups to data domain storage units and then migrate to new hardware. Is this the right approach or is there a better approach.??
Please guide many of you might have upgraded from 6.5. Please through ideas.

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