[Veritas-bu] Modifying Subject line of BLAT

2012-01-19 23:49:16
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Modifying Subject line of BLAT
From: Anurag Sharma <sharma.anurag AT hotmail DOT com>
To: veritas-bu <veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu>
Date: Fri, 20 Jan 2012 10:19:08 +0530
Hi All,

If anyone is using BLAT in their enviorment, can they let me know if there was a way to modify the subject line of the email sent by BLAT and nbmail.cmd

Right now we are getting emails with subject line "Backup on Server_Name - 150" I would like to change the subject to Backup Failed on server_name - 150

Please guide

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