Re: [Veritas-bu] How do i switch my media adn master server!? HELP!

2011-11-17 11:36:50
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] How do i switch my media adn master server!? HELP!
From: "Lightner, Jeff" <JLightner AT water DOT com>
Date: Thu, 17 Nov 2011 16:36:43 +0000
I don't see where you mention changing the host name as one of your steps.

The IP address must be the same according to the link I sent you.   In the past 
others on this list have indicated they've done it with different IPs but had 
to use the same host name.   I haven't done this so someone else will have to 
answer for you or you can search the web to see earlier answers.

The catalog restore is done AFTER you install your new master per the link.  
You probably want to keep track of which tapes are used.

Native LTO4 almost certainly won't be readable on an LTO2 drive as tape drives 
are often backwardly compatible but not forward compatible.   I don't know off 
the top of my head if an LTO4 drive will write to an LTO2 tape in a mode 
readable by LTO2 drive.   You'll need to research that.  (When we switched to 
LTO5 from LTO1 we actually bought a couple of LTO3 drives as well as we found 
LTO5 wouldn't read our old LTO1 tapes but LTO3 will.)

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] How do i switch my media adn master server!? HELP!

yes I found that link jeff thanks.

so here is what I have written up for tomorrow.

plan, pause all netbackup processes. and reinstall netbackup from disk to both 
master server in the data center and the media server in the office.

-run a catalog backup the night before.
(this is one concern of mine)

Plan for this operation to be done on tuesday as it is the lowest impact on 
Upon reinstalling netbackup to the data center, designate it to be the master 


so about the catalog restore. My media server uses LTO4 and the current master 
uses LTO2. how am I going to move this catalog to the new master? (in theory i 
cant restore to this library while nbu is down and i have no designated master 
server correct?)

am I missing anything else big?

I will not be able to change the IP addresses, will it still work?

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