Re: [Veritas-bu] Any trick to updating windows client exclude lists?

2011-11-08 11:04:53
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Any trick to updating windows client exclude lists?
From: "Kendall, Scott" <scott.kendall AT twcable DOT com>
Date: Tue, 8 Nov 2011 11:02:05 -0500
I was going to tell you to RTFM, because I was sure it was in there, but I 
looked at the Command Ref Guide before sending and will agree that bpsetconfig 
is not the most well documented command and has poor examples and the Admin 
Guide does focus more on the GUI and why to use the Exclude List.

After complaining for years for a way to manipulate Exclude Lists on Unix 
clients remotely (without bpdir and bpgp), Symantec, in their infinite wisdom, 
decided to give us a solution that used the same commands as the existing 
solution for Windows, but with completely different syntax and functionality. 

For example, on Unix, you can't list all Exclude lists to see if there is a 
policy specific list on the client.. you have to know that it exists and which 
policy it is for in order to pull its contents.

As you appear to be aware, bpsetconfig and bpgetconfig use the -e and -i 
arguments for Exclude and Include Lists along with files that are pushed/pulled 
and additional arguments for policy or schedule specific lists.  This is a 
fairly new addition to this command.

For Windows, bpgetconfig is used to get the Exclude/Include Lists (don't ask 
why... but you have to use -M, which is for Master... but you can do it against 
any Client) and bpsetconfig is used to set them.

Following will display all settings pulled from client (not to be confused with 
bpclient, which displays settings ABOUT the client that are pulled from the 

        bpgetconfig -M client_name

If you want a specific setting, add it at the end.

        bpgetconfig -M client_name Exclude

To push the setting, use bpsetconfig.  As the Command Ref Guide states, either 
with a file containing the settings or standard input.

        bpsetconfig -h client_name file
        # where file is a file that contains settings such as Exclude = c:\temp


        echo Exclude = c:\temp | bpsetconfig -h client_name

Keep in mind when using this, that it OVERWRITES the current setting!  There is 
no argument to tell it to append instead of overwrite.

If you do the following using the standard input method, you'll get one entry 
in the Exclude list, c:\temp2.

        echo Exclude = c:\temp1 | bpsetconfig -h client_name
        echo Exclude = c:\temp2 | bpsetconfig -h client_name

Instead, you have to do something like this.

        echo Exclude = c:\temp1
        echo Exclude = c:\temp2
        ) | bpsetconfig -h client_name

To do policy or schedule specific lists, it looks something like this (where 
temp would be in the default Exclude list and temp1 and temp2 would be in a 
policy specific Exclude list).  The best way to see this is to set it in the 
GUI on one client and then use bpgetconfig to see what it should look like.

        Exclude = c:\temp
        Exclude = CLASS:policy_name
        Exclude = c:\temp1
        Exclude = c:\temp2

Include lists are done just like above, except with "Include" instead of 

Remember, as always, only one list applies per Exclude/Include.  If there is a 
policy specific Exclude list, only items in that list will be excluded if there 
is a backup for that policy... even if a default Exclude list exists and 
contains additional entries.

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So how are you using this command for windows clients? bpgetconfig and 
bpsetconfig need absolute paths to the exclude list and on Windows clients 
there is no such file - its stored in the registry.

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