Re: [Veritas-bu] Restores from Cumulative incremental backups

2011-11-02 23:02:37
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Restores from Cumulative incremental backups
From: Jim VandeVegt <Jim.Vandevegt AT physiciansmutual DOT com>
Date: Wed, 2 Nov 2011 22:02:27 -0500
I don't quite understand the wording of your question, but maybe my explanation 
will help.

A cumulative incremental in NetBackup will take a copy of any file that was 
created or modified since the last full backup. That TIR adds is knowledge of 
what files were deleted in that same time frame. Or to say it in a different 
way, what files are on the full backup that are no longer on the file system at 
the point the cumulative incremental was run.

When a restore of an incremental is executed with TIR in play, deleted files 
are not restored. Hence it is a 'truer' picture of exactly how the file system 
looked on a particular incremental backup.

I suspect you have something like this going on:
Full backup: 1000 files backed up.
Time passes, 200 of those are deleted, 200 different files are created.
Cumulative Inc: 200 files backed up.

You restore with a time period that includes the cumulative and without TIR, 
and you get 1200 files, and possibly a disk full. You restore the same with 
TIR, and you get 1000 files.
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I'm a bit confused now about Cumulative incremental backups - If data is 
restored from last cumulative incremental backup, files that have been created 
between last full and the incremental backup are not deleted by NetBackup, 
which resulted in my restore failing because it run out of space on that drive- 
there were too many new files created after last the incremental.

All I need is a reliable method of returning the partition to exact state as it 
was when last incremental backup was taken - I was hoping True Image Backup 
would do that, but it seems to have the same behaviour in regards to the files 
created between full and incremental backups.

Any suggestions on this?


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