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Hello Simon,

Unfortunately very slow restores is the biggest problem of flashbackup backups. 

The backup is very fast. And the restore of the volume is very fast. But when you try to restore a file, then  you may wait more time than the time to restore the volume. Netbackup reads the backup serially, to find the files.

Check this (in the new ugly and cannot search symanetc support site)


Note: Individual file restore from a raw FlashBackup backup will perform much more slowly than a restore of the entire partition, and the performance decreases exponentially the more individual files that are selected for restore. One way to increase performance is to configure the 'Maximum fragment size' on the Storage Unit to a small size such as 1GB or even 500MB (prior to the backups of course).





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A fellow member has kindly guided me into the right direction of using FlashBackps. However I have a few Questions to clarify if poss.

Environemnt, all Windows 2003 SP2 + NBU 6.5.6 - Running Eval License of NBU to open up FlashBackup-Windows

I have tested the product, and moved the tests into production (to gain full access to Robot+Drives+San Media Servers).

I ran a test on a Network based Client of their E: Drive. It performed the FlashBackup in 48mins. Looking at the full backup running under the normal client took 2 hours.

So today, I have tried to do a restore of a 1GB folder containing lots of files. But its taking what appears to be ages. 20 Mins in, and only recovered 300mb so far.

Does this sound correct?

Also, when I create a Backup Policy, under the Policy -> Backup Selections Tab I type in \\.\E: and press return. I get a dialog box telling me that "The NetBackup Client Service on the client must have a Log on account specified other than the system account. the account used must have permission to create directories and files under the UNC path specified. Do you wish to continues?"

I have an account created, and applied this to the NetBackup Client Service and as I mentioned, it has run. But if I create a brand new policy, add a client in the Clients Tab, then goto Backup Selections and type in \\. \E: and press Enter I do not get a pop up message. If you look carefully, I have put a SPACE after the fullstop! But this seems to go against the NetBackup documentation I have that does not appear to show a space.

Finally, the purpose of this is for some of our large servers that have Multiple volumes. Is there any problem selecting multiple drive letters under Backup selections tab? In other words, rather than list 1, can I list 8 different volumes?

Thanks for the feedback.



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