Re: [Veritas-bu] Can I duplicate existing netbackup images using a brand new SLP

2010-09-18 07:23:58
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Can I duplicate existing netbackup images using a brand new SLP
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No, SLPs are only aware of the backups they make, so you can't do what you're looking for unless it does the initial backup.  I would find that very handy as well, so I hope Symantec is listening.

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[Veritas-bu] Can I duplicate existing netbackup images using a        brand new SLP

We have been backing up elements of an evault environment to an intelligent disk pool in our data center.  Does anyone know of a way to setup a new SLP, consisting of this existing disk pool and an offsite disk pool, and use this new SLP to duplicate both new and existing images (which already reside on the local disk pool) to the offsite disk pool ?
We know this will work with new backup images written to the original disk pool but we’d really like to be able to send the existing images as well.  Any advice on how we can achieve this would be most appreciated.
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