Re: [Veritas-bu] restore windows files to a MAC

2010-09-09 14:32:06
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] restore windows files to a MAC
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Date: Thu, 9 Sep 2010 18:31:08 +0000

Problem is errors I get when trying to restore from the windows backup directly to the MAC.



17:17:48 (1624234.001) File /dir/dir_Content/ DEVELOPMENT/.DS_Store exists. Keeping it.

17:17:48 (1624234.001) Windows security info file type 'L' for .SeCuRiTy.4, ignored...


I got both L and U file type errors  (Unknown file type 'U' for)


17:19:47 (1624234.001) Changed /O/dir/ dir/dir/dir/dir return to work/to print/Fonts/file.otf to /dir/dir/ dir/dir/dir/dir/to print/Fonts/file.otf

17:19:47 (1624234.001) Could not create file /dir/dir/ dir/dir/dir/dir return to work/to print/Fonts/dir.otf: Not a directory

17:19:47 (1624234.001) Windows security info file type 'L' for .SeCuRiTy.589, ignored...



It only restored about half the files.



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I forgot about the maillist.  

If you are doing this with NBU,  I would think backing up the Windows client as a standard client and then restoring from that backup would work.  I had a slew of Windows servers get changed to standard clients and they backed up just fine, but wouldn't show up as MS clients when it came time to restore.  Make a separate policy for the standard client of the Win server.

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[Veritas-bu] restore windows files to a MAC

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Anybody have any hints on how to restore files from a windows server to a MAC server?
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