Re: [Veritas-bu] Email Notifications - Changed after 6.5.6

2010-09-09 10:52:37
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Email Notifications - Changed after 6.5.6
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When you upgrade the files can get over written.


So you file that you had modified to tell you what levels to email on may have been overwritten.



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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Email Notifications - Changed after 6.5.6


Hi All,
Got a little puzzle, that I cannot seem to track where the problem is, but here goes...

Win2k3 SP2 Ent + NBU 6.5.6 Master, Media and all clients.

It all went on well (Originally 6.5.3) apart from BMR Boot Server still showing 6.5.3, although I will look into that later by reapplying the update pack.

But main problem is notification of emails seemed to have changed. I used to get all emails, regardless of status detailing this....

Tue 09/07/2010  07:10 -----------------------------
Tue 09/07/2010  07:10        CLIENT:  SQL
Tue 09/07/2010  07:10        POLICY:  SQL_SERVER
Tue 09/07/2010  07:10      SCHEDULE:  SERVER_FULL
Tue 09/07/2010  07:10 SCHEDULE TYPE:  FULL
Tue 09/07/2010  07:10        STATUS:  0
Tue 09/07/2010  07:10        STREAM:  0
Tue 09/07/2010  07:10 -----------------------------

But since the update, I am now only getting emails with status 1 or higher and they look like this in the email....

Backup on client FILE001 for user root by server MyBackup was partially successful.

Schedule = Test_Incr_Backup

File list

For the life of me, I have checked my backup_exit_notify.cmd and nbmail.cmd and I even have the original versions prior to the update, and yet these have not changed.

Any ideas?



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