Re: [Veritas-bu] KMS Setup and Restore setup Issue.

2010-09-07 10:25:11
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] KMS Setup and Restore setup Issue.
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I don’t understand your question.



If you want to restore an encrypted tape you need to have the exact same keys as it was made with.


Say my prod site serverA is backed up encrypted.  I can restore it from my prod site to serverB, because it is the same master server, which means it has the key to decrypt the tape.


I also have a DR site.

When I made my kms database, I made it exactly the same on my DR site master.  (Easier way is to just copy the KMS database (directory) from my prod site to my DR site.  Now my DR site has the same keys so it is also able to restore from the same tape to any server at my DR site.


If you have more than one master, suggest you test backing up on one and restoring from the other.



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Hi Harpreet

I have done backup and restore testing using KMS encryption.

I have a question here, is the customer want to restore the data on a different infrastructure or on a same infrastructure.

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[Veritas-bu] KMS Setup and Restore setup Issue.



We are on Netbackup 7.0 and using KMS to encrypt the tape’s before we send
them offsite.

I have got a new requirement, where one of the department want to do there
server’s backup via Netbackup Client with encryption option.

But they don’t want to allow Veritas Netbackup Administrator to restore
there backups. i.e. during the restore they will (want) enter the
encryption key for restore.

Please advise how I can achieve this.

With Warm Regards
Harpreet Singh Chana
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