Re: [Veritas-bu] Backup policy Clarification

2009-10-29 23:32:44
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Backup policy Clarification
From: "bob944" <bob944 AT attglobal DOT net>
To: <veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu>
Date: Thu, 29 Oct 2009 23:28:58 -0400
> Day   Policy            SL No
> Sat   Full backup       1
> Mon   Incremental       2
> Tue   Incremental       3
> Wed   Cumulative        4
> Thu   Incr?mental       5
> Fri   Incr?mental       6
> Sat   Full backup       7
> Mon   Incremental       8
> Tue   Incremental       9
> Wed   Cumulative        10
> Thu   Incr?mental       11
> Fri   Incr?mental       12

This is a mess.  
o  Terminology is incorrect and ambiguous--NetBackup does not have
an Incremental; more precisely, there are two.  We can guess that
you meant diffs only because your example shows cincs.  

o  If you have diff and cinc schedules and the policy type is
Windows-NT, you must specify whether the incrementals are based on
archive bit or ctime.

o  You did not specify whether the schedules are frequency- or
calendar-based; It can make a difference, and if both are used, is
incorrect usage.

o  If frequency-based, you did not specify the frequency; the answer
is different depending on the frequency values.

o  You did not specify retention; the answer is different depending
on the retention value.

Assuming you have reasonable values (frequency, windows, ctime,

> Due to some policy configuration issue (Sat Full backup 7) did not
> happened. [...]
> 1. Will Mon Incremental (8) will happen as per last full backup ie
> (Wed Cumulative  (4)) or with respect to Sat     Full backup (1)?

Neither.  Read the NetBackup Administrator's Guide, Volume 1 |
Policies | Schedule attributes tab | Types of backup | Differential
incremental backup

> 2. Will Wed Cumulative  (10) will happen with respect to Sat
> Full backup (1).


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