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  I am currently looking for info on backing up MS SQL boxes and wondered if the agent actually does any type of snapshotting or are there scripts that have to pause the database and then the backup begins?  We currently have local scripts in place that put the database in a mainteneance mode and copies data to a data directory.  Then the script starts up the database and our Netbackup server comes in and does a regular backup of the box, which includes the data directory.  Why would I spend money for an agent when we get backups with this method?

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The way to prevent NBU from inventorying all media is to use Inventory Filtering. This was covered at the end of the STK ACS appendix in the NBU 6.0 Media Manager Sys Admin Guide, and this information was apparently rolled into Volume 1 of the NBU Sys Admin Guide in NBU 6.5, but I can’t find it. So, depending on whether you are running Windows or Unix, take a look at the end of that Appendix in the appropriate 6.0 Media Manager Sys Admin Guide.

Here is a link to the Windows guide:

and a link to the UNIX guide: 

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