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2009-10-21 18:31:34
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Sharing a library
From: "bob944" <bob944 AT attglobal DOT net>
To: <veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 18:28:11 -0400
> We have an SL8500 that will be sharing applications
> (NetBackup and Quantum Storage Manager).
> The Quantum will be using 9840D tape drives and
> NetBackup will use LTO4, and we are not hard
> partitioning the library. The tapes for the different
> apps have different barcode schemes. The NBU
> tapes all start with BKP***.

<shudder> I agree with Mr Dyck; sharing an unpartitioned robot
between two applications that are not aware of each other, relying
on barcodes is not the way I'd go.  Not to sound snarky, but
NetBackup has an "inventory robot" command, not an "inventory part
of a robot" command (vmphyinv aside).

In my limited experience with partitioned libraries, I'd recommend
revisiting that; it's what partitioning was designed to do, IME it's
bulletproof, and you don't have to jury-rig procedures for two

> Is there a way to tell NBU to only add tapes
> that start with BKP to its volume database?

If you were determined to do this with barcodes, you could use a
barcode rule to recognize that BKF (you'll never have more than 1000
BKF tapes?) for your production pool and everything else goes to the
"do not use these tapes" pool.

An better way would be to define either the 9840 or the LTO drives
and media as something other than hcart.  Say, manually change the
LTOs to anything other than hcart and set up a barcode rule to make
BKP media that same type.

> I have scanned through the manuals and done some
> volume previews with different options and nothing
> has worked so far. ACSLS reports both 9840D and LTO
> tapes as HCART so I cant specify that way...

ACSLS would handle this situation (ACS pools and matching volmgr
directives in NetBackup), though if you get the INVENTORY_FILTER
directive wrong you'll be back in the same boat of inventorying
tapes you don't want to see.  (Caveat:  haven't had an ACSLS setup
in ten years so this may have changed.)

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