Re: [Veritas-bu] NBU 6.5.3 master tanked

2009-10-21 13:24:53
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] NBU 6.5.3 master tanked
From: Justin Piszcz <jpiszcz AT lucidpixels DOT com>
To: Jonathan Dyck <jdyck AT bank-banque-canada DOT ca>
Date: Wed, 21 Oct 2009 13:21:45 -0400 (EDT)
I will state that this worked for me, I did not have the e-mail capture of the drfile setup and I followed that "LAST RESORT" and it worked successfully.
Only thing it did not restore was the NBU encryption DB/keys for LTO-4
You need to know which tape you wrote the catalog to though. Luckily, I
had an e-mail of which tape was written to last for the catalog.
A regular restore w/drfile works well, have done it many times, but in
this case it sounds like you lost everything.
You need to get NBU installed etc, setup your robot/drives, then perform
the steps under "LAST RESORT" -- you do need to know what tape was the
catalog though.

On Wed, 21 Oct 2009, Jonathan Dyck wrote:

Were you performing hot-catalog backups?  Here's a snip from the email I
get after each catalog backup (incremental or full),  maybe this will
set you up?

Catalog Recovery Procedure for the Loss of an Entire Catalog

You should create a detailed disaster recovery plan to follow should it
necessary to restore your organization's data in the event of a
disaster. A
checklist of required tasks can be a tremendous tool in assisting
associates in
triage. For example, after the facility is safe for data to be restored,
power and data infrastructure need to be verified. When these tasks are
completed, the following scenarios will help to quickly restore the
environment, and in turn, restore applications and data.

Disaster Recovery Procedure using the DR Image File

In the event of a catastrophic failure, use the following procedure to
the previous NetBackup environment.

Note: If new hardware is required, make sure that the devices contain
capable of reading the media and that the drive controllers are capable
mounting the drives.

1. Install NetBackup.
2. Configure the devices necessary to read the media listed above.
3. Inventory the media.
4. Make sure that the master server can access the attached DR image
Start the NetBackup Recovery Wizard from the NetBackup Administration
Console. Or, start the wizard from a command line by entering
bprecover -wizard.
Disaster Recovery Procedure without the DR Image File

If you do not have the attachment included with this email, use the
instructions to recover your catalog:
1. Install NetBackup.
2. Configure the devices necessary to read the media listed above.
3. Inventory the media.
4. Run:
bpimport -create_db_info [-server name] -id PD1158
5. Go to the following directory to find the DR image file
6. Delete the other files in the directory.
7. Open Hot-Catalog-Backup_1256122911_INCR file and find the BACKUP_ID
(for example:  <snip>_1256122911).
8. Run: bpimport [-server name] -backupid <snip>_1256122911
9. Run:
bprestore -T -w [-L progress_log] -C <snip> -t 35 -p Hot-Catalog-Backup
-X -s 1256122911 -e 1256122911 /
10. Run the BAR user interface to restore the remaining image database if the DR image is a result of an incremental backup.
11. To recover the NetBackup relational database, run:
bprecover -r -nbdb
12. Stop and Start NetBackup
13. Configure the devices if any device has changed since the last
14. To make sure the volume information is updated, inventory the media
to update the NetBackup database.

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        Our Windows 6.5.3 master tanked at the worst possible time. We
have a scaler i2000 with 10 lto-4 drives attached. I have read the
instructions from veritas on using bprecover a dozen times and cannot
for the life of me figure out what they are trying to say.

        1.       Put tape in drive (fine, which one?)

        2.       Run command bprecover -r -ALL -tpath device_path<tape
drive>  ?????

        The examples are garbage

        Any help?

        David Spearman

        County of henrico


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