Re: [Veritas-bu] NetBackup Fibre Transport Client Backups

2009-10-20 16:45:05
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] NetBackup Fibre Transport Client Backups
From: Boris Kraizman <sysadminzone AT gmail DOT com>
To: "Donaldson, Mark" <Mark.Donaldson AT staples DOT com>
Date: Tue, 20 Oct 2009 16:41:52 -0400
Can u afford to bounce your SAN media servers any time? I used to have them in 4.5 and 5.1, it sucks, when you have file servers that the whole company uses, like over 1k users, then you cannot reboot them. It is not really the issue with the SAN clients, you can do whatever you need to do with your media backup servers, and SAN clients stay not touched. Here where I can see the benefit and plus licensing, I can have many SAN clients and don't have to attach them to the tape libraries.


On Tue, Oct 20, 2009 at 12:13 PM, Donaldson, Mark <Mark.Donaldson AT staples DOT com> wrote:
Given the very narrow range of hardware & OS, why not simply use SAN
Media Server?

Data over the SAN, meta-data over the network - seems like nearly the
same with far less implementation problems.

Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] NetBackup Fibre Transport Client Backups

Simon, I think that some of the replies on the list are not quite
 We are implementing the SAN Client/FT Media Server for a production
centre, and I've spent several months working on it in our test labs.

It's true that the documentation is slightly confusing, especially if
don't get the latest versions.  The book to read is the Shared Storage
Guide that was updated at 6.5.4.  There is also a technote with
troubleshooting information.

The *licence* for the SAN Client is the same Enterprise Client licence
allows you to run the SAN Media Server, and this naming causes a lot of

You do indeed need an 'FT Media Server', which is a normal media server
that has some very specific fibre HBAs installed.  There is a *very*
narrow support matrix.  The only supported platforms at the moment are
Solaris/SPARC and Linux (I think RHEL4, and that is new at 6.5.4).  We
using Solaris/SPARC.   We are using Sun-badged Qlogic HBAs; the HBAs
be Qlogic, and again only some are supported.

These HBAs are reconfigured as part of the setup to work in target mode.

This incidentally causes various tools like 'fcinfo' to not see them at
all any more.  You can do this 'card marking' in a server other then the

one you want to use as an FT Media Server, e.g. to cut down downtime.
marked the HBAs can be installed where you want.  *But* on Solaris only
target HBAs on one PCI bus will be used, so you need to choose a server
that not only has a fast PCI-X or PCIe bus but also enough slots on that

bus for your needs.  There are limits on the number of ports an FT Media

Server can support, about 4 I think (2 x dual-port cards).

A special driver by jungo is attached to these HBAs in the FT Media
when you enable the function.  You will then have a couple more
processes running, and the server will be presenting to the SAN two
'ARCHIVE Python' tape targets per HBA port.

You must create touch files in /usr/openv/netbackup/db/config:

NUMBER_DATA_BUFFERS_FT - should be 16, maybe 32 on Solaris, but on RHEL
there are other limits, read the technotes.
SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_FT - set to 262144, fail to do this and it uses the
value in SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS if writing to tape and SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS_DISK

if writing to disk; but FT fails if the value it uses is above 512K.

The SAN Client uses the Standard Client install (even though it uses the

same licence as SAN Media Server, it does not use the same code).  This
one of the plus points, smaller code and it is just the normal client,
very easy to manage and update.   You zone the HBAs on the client to the

FT Media Server(s) target ports.  As usual, don't mix tape & disk on the

client HBA port; but you can use *any* HBA in the SAN Client.

You have to configure the OS to find the drives, varies by OS.  The
Configuration Guide now has information on SAN Client, though it took me

some time to work it out.  I could give you more detail off-list and I'm

only the other end of Gunnels Wood Road.  Windows and AIX were very
Once the OS can see the ARCHIVE Python devices, you can enable SAN
function.  Entry in bp.conf, or there is a  CLI command to enable it.
run bp.start_all, which reports 'starting FT client' whether it is
or not!

Many reasons for it immediately shutting down:
1)      No SAN Client licence on Master Server
2)      Trying to run on a server that has a 'server' install, not just
the client

Performance can be good, it depends on how slow your LAN is.   Our GbE
can be as fast as the SAN Client, because the limiting factor becomes
speed the Media Server can write the data to disk or tape.   It should
faster, it should use less resource on the SAN Client as the Ethernet
overhead is gone - but if you used TOE cards it would make less
difference.  But if a server was on 100Mb, then backing up over 2Gb
would be a lot quicker.  Our plan is to eliminate SAN Media Servers and

There is a lot of small print about multiplexing, which is a bit

There are a number of new OIDs to learn for logging.  You will want to
find the 'nbrbutil -listOrphanedPipes' command.  I found at least on
WIndows that the bpbkar log  had some new information when logging was
turned up about retries and errors on the fibre links.

William D L Brown

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[Veritas-bu] NetBackup Fibre Transport Client Backups

Hi All
Currently looking into the SAN Client / Fibre Transport clients.
Wondered if anyone else has implemented this on 6.5 and any pros cons?
While readin the SS Guide - it seems to imply you need a "Media" Server,

but does not really explain if you can use a "Master" Server for this
(even though a Master / Media Server is on the same box)? From the
it seems that I need an FT Media Server to handle this !
Any comments would be appreicated, even if it is a "dont do it"  :-)

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