Re: [Veritas-bu] Make drives read only in NBU

2009-10-09 05:02:19
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Make drives read only in NBU
From: "Clooney, David" <david.clooney AT bankofamerica DOT com>
To: bob944 AT attglobal DOT net, veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu
Date: Fri, 09 Oct 2009 09:58:22 +0100
Thanks Bob

Yeah that's my issue, they have to be a specific subset and need to be in the 
same virtual library.

This is the scenario, just for interest sake.

SUN Virtual library with 52 virtual drives for primary copies (eg TLD 1)
SUN VTL has FC visibility of backend physical T10k B's  - drives configured in 
NBU as NDMP drives as VTL has NDMP 4 functionality (same as filers), Robotics 
via ACSLS configured on media servereg (ACS 6) - used for duplicated copy 2.

SUN VTL has a specific section limited to 16 drives called "hosted backup 
Client" i.e. only 16/52 drives from TLD 1 can be added into this section, in 
order for the VTL to become the data mover during the dup process the read has 
to be from one of the drives in this specific section, otherwise the media 
server will do the moving.

For arguments sake say TLD 1 drives 1-38 are not in the "Hosted Backup Client" 
section and are utilised for the read part of the duplication, the media server 
will be the data mover, however if TLD drives 39-52 are utilised the VTL would 
be the data mover (with far quicker t-puts).

So there lies my issue, and unfortunately I cannot make TLD 1 have 16 drives 
only as more are required, and I cannot create another VTL as the "Hosted 
backup client" is still limited to 16 drives.

Any ideas or suggestions from anyone would be much appreciated on how to make 
TLD 1 drives 39-52 used for duplication only?

Lastly the vtl has the functionality of making vtl drives RO however NBU is not 
aware of this until it tries to write and fails so not a goer unfortunately.

David Clooney
Midrange Design and Build (MRDB) - Storage

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> Does anyone know if you can make a subset of drives in
> a library read only in NBU . i.e. I want a specific 10
> out of 50 drives in a robot to be read only for
> duplication purposes?

Something else I haven't had the need to do, but if you configure
them in a separate storage unit(s) and don't share the drives with a
"normal" STU, that should do what you want.  Think of it as hooking
up a little 10-drive dedicated robot.

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