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2009-10-05 21:56:54
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] bpduplicate help
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What version of Netbackup is this?  6.5 added the option for a maximum
number of partial tapes in any volume pool.  My suggestion is to use the
bid file option to duplicate multiple images with a single run or to put
a sleep command between the bpduplicate commands.  More than likely what
is happening is that the 1st media is still assigned when the 2nd job
runs, so the 2nd job picks up the next available media.


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Subject: [Veritas-bu] bpduplicate help

Hi Guys,

Currently, i'm trying to use bpduplicate to duplicate my vaulted images
from VTL to Physical Tape.

When i ran the command for the 1st time, it manage to find the image
that i want to duplicate into TapeA (backupsize around 70GB).

The target volume pool is empty hence it will pick tapeA from scratch
pool and put in the target volume pool after the duplication is

However, after running the command second time with another client name,
it uses tapeB instead. I was wondering since tapeA is the only tape in
the volume pool and its media status is still Active, why nbu choose to
pick another tape from my scratch pool?

Btw, the command line that i trigger has the same storagunit, volume,
retention period. The only difference is the client name.

Anybody knows how can i reuse the same tape using bpduplicate?

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