Re: [Veritas-bu] Sun Trunking vs. Redhat Linux ???

2009-10-01 09:54:05
Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Sun Trunking vs. Redhat Linux ???
From: Peter DrakeUnderkoffler <pcd AT xinupro DOT com>
To: Thomas.Schulz AT CortalConsors DOT de
Date: Thu, 01 Oct 2009 09:52:34 -0400
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Yes, it is called bonding.  It has several options
for configuration, you would be looking at running
it in a load balancing configuration with LACP,
the /etc/modprobe.conf settings for that would
be something like:

options bond0 lacp_rate=1 mode=4 miimon=100

But this will also depend on your switch vendor.

I've only used two(2) NICs in a trunk, so I would
imagine you have some testing ahead of you to not only
get it to function as you wish, but also get the desired


Peter DrakeUnderkoffler
Xinupro, LLC

Thomas.Schulz AT CortalConsors DOT de wrote:
> We run two SUN V490 Server as NBU 6.0 Media Server.
> Over four 1GB NICs we have a SUN Trunking running.
> Now we plan to migrate the Media Applikation to four DELL r710 Servers.
> Is there a Redhat Linux feature like SUN Trunking availiable ?
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