[Veritas-bu] ACS + LibStation upgrade problem

2005-08-28 07:47:13
Subject: [Veritas-bu] ACS + LibStation upgrade problem
From: cballowe AT gmail DOT com (Charles Ballowe)
Date: Sun, 28 Aug 2005 06:47:13 -0500
In the process of testing an upgrade of LibStation, I had problems
with vmupdate - it came back with something similar to "robotic
hardware or communication error (225)" (the exact error has scrolled
off my screen since that point). Every other piece of functionality
seemed to work fine, but not that one. Any thoughts as to what might
be the problem? Any further information that I could provide to
someone? (Unfortunately, the LibStation + HSC upgrade requires an IPL
on the mainframe so my only shot for testing with them is 4AM sunday -
with 2 weeks notice given to the users so I'd like some ideas that
give a reasonable expectation of success before trying again.)


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