[Veritas-bu] lost all output about volmes, 4.5 FP8

2005-08-24 19:28:21
Subject: [Veritas-bu] lost all output about volmes, 4.5 FP8
From: rockey_reed AT symantec DOT com (Rockey Reed)
Date: Wed, 24 Aug 2005 16:28:21 -0700
Run the bprecover command using the catalog tape from prior to the loss
of data.  Instruction documented in the Troubleshooting Guide.

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] lost all output about volmes, 4.5 FP8

  Something strange has happened to my 4.5FP6 Netbackup installation.

  I've lost lots of information about my tapes and need to recover this 

  available_meda reports no output.
  search of volumes in bpadm,media management also reports nothing.

  I have info from a bpmedialist -summary command

  How can I recover this info?

media   media   robot   robot   robot   side/   ret    size     status
  ID     type    type      #     slot    face    level  KBytes
DataStore pool

Database pool

Manual pool

NetBackup pool

None pool

It was there yesterday, Info from bpadm,

      e)  Media Management...
      p)  Print Information about Volumes
      s)  Search

media   media  robot  robot  robot  side/  optical  # mounts/      last
  ID     type   type     #    slot   face   partner  cleanings    mount 

Shows no information, I would get a report of what tapes in what slots.

Information from bpmedialist shows

bpmedialist -summary

MEDIA SUMMARY FOR SERVER vgn1 ON Wed Aug 24 2005 09:51:06

     2      8        0        8        1

Number of NON-ACTIVE media that:
        8 - are currently EXPIRED
             A00001 expired 10/30/2003 22:35 (FROZEN)
             A00014 expired 08/29/2004 00:41 (FROZEN)
             A00013 expired 08/18/2004 23:33 (FROZEN)
             A00015 expired 08/25/2004 03:33 (FROZEN)
             A00016 expired 08/22/2004 01:35 (FROZEN)
             A00012 expired 08/30/2004 06:33 (FROZEN)
             A00020 expired 01/09/2005 23:35 (FROZEN)
             A00022 expired 01/08/2005 23:35 (FROZEN)
        3 - will expire within 1 week
             A00032 expires 08/27/2005 22:05
             A00003 expires 08/29/2005 18:45 (IMPORTED)
             A00024 expires 08/28/2005 02:35
        6 - will expire in greater than three months
             A00011 expires INFINITY
             A00005 expires INFINITY
             A00010 expires INFINITY
             A00009 expires INFINITY
             A00018 expires INFINITY
             A00025 expires INFINITY

Number of ACTIVE media that, as of now:
        1 - will expire within 1 week
             A00033 expires 08/29/2005 06:35
        1 - will expire in greater than three months
             A00029 expires INFINITY

Summary by retention level of ALL media
      Level   # Media        Megabytes
        1        12           488345.7
        9         7           232225.1

  Miles D. Oliver
Veritas-bu maillist  -  Veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu

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