[Veritas-bu] streams question

2005-08-23 10:43:26
Subject: [Veritas-bu] streams question
From: dave.markham AT fjserv DOT net (Dave Markham)
Date: Tue, 23 Aug 2005 15:43:26 +0100
Netbackup 5.0mp2 on Soalris8. Attached to L1000 with 4 tape drives.

I backup a 2 node Sun cluster setup attached to 4 T3 bricks arranged in 
2 partner pairs which are mirrored.

Currently i just backup volumes presented to the cluster nodes if they 
exist and archive the dbas output of hot_archiving in oracle.
There is quite a bit of data 100gig + so im struggling to get it done in 
12 hours with all the other machines in the infrastructure too although 
i do use mulitplexing.

I have seen the use data streams before but from what i read was worried 
about disk thrashing as you should only specify a volume as a stream if 
you can guarantee its on a specific physical disk.

The t3 is hardware raid and controls all disk read/writes across its 9 
disks which are sliced into various volumes across them.
I was wondering has anyone used streams in this way and it not be part 
of this disk thrashing i have heard about.

I am contemplating using it and creating a stream for each database 
volume i need to back up but dint want this to slow backups down.
Does the hardware raid controllers on the T3 handle all this?


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