[Veritas-bu] X is not primary server Y.....why?

2005-08-08 14:25:31
Subject: [Veritas-bu] X is not primary server Y.....why?
From: marshall.a.skare AT accenture DOT com (marshall.a.skare AT accenture DOT com)
Date: Mon, 8 Aug 2005 13:25:31 -0500
Hi everyone,

I'm running a NBU 4.5FP 3GA setup on Solaris servers, and am running into an 
odd problem.  Our media server had a CPU panic over the weekend and fell on its 
head three different times.

The server itself is back up and running now, and it didn't appear to lose any 
disks or files.  What happens when we try to start NBU though is that the media 
daemons will start, but the NBU daemons will not.  Looking through the bprd and 
bpdbm logs show that the server is complaining that it "is not the primary 
server <MASTER_SERVER>."

Well, that's correct.  It's our MEDIA server, not the master.  bp.conf has not 
changed.  Both the master and media server are listed in the media server's 
bp.conf file, and this should be a non-issue anyway since the file hasn't been 
changed in the crash.  For grins, I also checked /etc/hosts, and that hasn't 
changed either.

Is there a lock file that maybe didn't get cleaned up when the machine went 
down?  Should I be looking at a different log file?  I'm stumped on this one.

Thanks for any help!

- Marshall Skare

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