[Veritas-bu] Backing up Solaris 9 submirrors

2005-08-03 11:02:28
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Backing up Solaris 9 submirrors
From: cballowe AT gmail DOT com (Charles Ballowe)
Date: Wed, 3 Aug 2005 10:02:28 -0500
It backs them up as they are when the backup happens. If you're
dealing with oracle databases, something should either put the
database into backup mode or shut it down completely before doing a
backup. In backup mode, you need to get the archive logs last, and
should pick up a backup of the control file. ... or use the Oracle
agent and exclude the database files all together. Other databases
pose similar problems.

If you do regular restore tests of your databases, you should be more
than fine with your backup methods - remember that a backup is no good
unless you can restore from it.

The split mirror backups are a good way in an extremely high
availability environment to get a cold database backup and minimize
database downtime - shutdown the database, split the mirror, bring up
the database and backup the split copy while operations continue as

It's far from normal - but it gives people comfort in some environments.


On 8/3/05, Dave Markham <dave.markham AT fjserv DOT net> wrote:
> Paul Keating wrote:
> >You're likely doing "normal" backups, and not trying to backup a split
> >mirror.
> >
> >Some cases when you might backup a split mirror would be if you want to
> >back up a database, or directory, ensuring youo're getting all files in
> >sync. You would quiesce any processes using the disk, then split off the
> >mirror......the database or application would continue running on the
> >original plex, and you could backup the plex that was split off without
> >fear of an application tweaking the data during the backup.
> >
> >Paul
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> >>I don't understand this, we have an environment with a
> >>Solaris Master, a
> >>mixture of Solaris and HP-UX media servers and backup Solaris, HP-UX,
> >>Linux and Windows clients without having to resort to this. Surely the
> >>Netbackup processes on the Client are the only things that really need
> >>to understand it's filesystem. By the time you get to the Media/Master
> >>server, surely you are just writing tar files?
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> >>Have I missed something?
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> I may sound daft, but is this normal? I backup unix systems and am
> worrying now data i backup may not be worth much.
> How does netbackup handle open files or files which are being written
> to? Does it just not back them up and give a status 1 ( because i dont
> have many status 1 at all ) or does it back it up and lock it?
> Cheers
> Dave
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