[Veritas-bu] multistreaming and backup IDs - Scripting help n eeded

2004-09-30 12:53:51
Subject: [Veritas-bu] multistreaming and backup IDs - Scripting help n eeded
From: andre.lue-fook-sang AT thomson DOT com (Lue-Fook-Sang, Andre)
Date: Thu, 30 Sep 2004 12:53:51 -0400
I think this is what you're after,

bpduplicate -pb -client client_name -s start_date -e end_date -st sched_type
bpduplicate -pb -client client_name -hoursago 24 -st Full
bpduplicate -pb -client client_name -s 09/02/04 00:00 -e 09/18/04 23:59 -st

Hope that helps

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Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] multistreaming and backup IDs - Scripting help

I need to do this as well, but haven't got around to
it.  Here is what I know so far.

The "stream" is aparently visible with:
    bpimagelist  -d your_start_date -L 

The line item is: 
    Stream Number:

I really with this was in the ugly, but easier to
parse output of bpimagelist (no -U and no -L).  From
this stream number you can x-reference it with the
file in:


I'd guess you would have to be careful about streams
being re-ordered in the policy if you store this info somewhere.

Hope this helps, 

--- Sto Rage(c)  <netbacker AT gmail DOT com> wrote:

> can someone help me with what I am trying to do?
>      - We have a Policy with multiple streams
> enabled and with a list
> of Include files. So when the backup kicks off it
> spawns a number of jobs
> based on the Include files list.
> What I want is to setup an automated email that will
> send me the info of
> each of these jobs and its related backup id/ image
> name and the list of
> tapes it used..
>     - When the backup finishes, send me the status
> of the job 0 or 1 or
> whatever  is the error code. I have that setup using
> the default
> notification. so I get the following email for each
> job that it spawns.
> Subject: Backup on <client name> - 0 started
> Backup on client <client name> by root succeeded.
> File list
> ---------
> L:\<driectory1>
> What I want is a way to include the backup-ID or
> image name in this email.
> How do I do that?
> - Currently I generate the image names and the tapes
> used using the
> following script on the master server, but have no
> way to co-relate
> the list of jobs
> to their respective backupID or image name.
> #### Inputs required 1. start date 2. end date 3.
> client name and 4. backup
> type
> bpimagelist -U -d $1 -e $2 -client $3 -sl $4 -idonly
> |awk '{print $8}'
> >imagelist
> for i in `cat imagelist`
> do
> echo
> echo Backup ID:  $i
> bpimagelist -U -backupid $i
> echo
> -----
> echo List of tapes that contain Image $i
> bpimagelist -l -backupid $i |tail +3 |awk '{print
> $9;}'|sort -u
> echo
> -----
> done
> thanks in advance
> -G
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