[Veritas-bu] Calendar Based Scheduling

2004-09-24 10:53:45
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Calendar Based Scheduling
From: Dave Markham <dave.markham AT gmail DOT com> (Dave Markham)
Date: Fri, 24 Sep 2004 15:53:45 +0100
I would suggest freqeuncy based shceudling too and used correctly it
can be very powerful and you can build some good caveats into it.

If you want to use calender based and have this issue, you could try
limiting the number of jobs per hours to 1. ( Global Attributes on
master server properties ). This would mean it would not run after a
successfull backup.

Hope this helps

On Wed, 22 Sep 2004 13:17:28 -0400, Nash, Ebon <ebon.nash AT compuware DOT com> 
> I have a policy setup with the following calendar based schedule
> Retries after runday checked
> Calendar Schedule:  Recurring Weekdays, Every M,Tu,W,Th,Fri,Sat
> Start Window Mon 10:00pm to Tue 3:00am
> If the job starts and completes before 11:59pm Mon, it runs again at 12:00am
> Tue.  I'm concerned that if we shrink our window to 10:00pm to 11:59pm, and
> the job sits queued for too long that we will get 196 errors.
> Any recommendations on how to handle this?  We would like to solve this
> while using calendar based scheduling, if possible.
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