[Veritas-bu] make_scsi_dev on linux media server

2004-09-20 13:43:10
Subject: [Veritas-bu] make_scsi_dev on linux media server
From: Mark.Donaldson AT cexp DOT com (Mark.Donaldson AT cexp DOT com)
Date: Mon, 20 Sep 2004 11:43:10 -0600
NB 5.1 Enterprise (SS0) on Linux ES3.0.

When NB is started by the ../bin/goodies/netbackup script, it runs a
make_scsi_dev on boot that creates entries in /dev/st & /dev/sg.  These
/dev/st entries are sym-links back to the /dev/nstXX device names.  tpconfig
is supposed to be built with the /dev/st names.

Trouble is that when NB is (re)started, if the tape drive is assigned by
another media server, then the scan of the tape drives on the Linux media
server returns an I/O error for that assigned drive that the make_scsi_dev
binary interprets as a bad drive & the /dev/st link is not built.  tpconfig
doesn't match & the tape daemons don't start right - not to mention that my
drive count is also wrong.

I can't wait until all drives are idle before I restart my Linux media
servers - has anybody solved this already?


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