[Veritas-bu] disallowing restores

2004-09-10 14:54:03
Subject: [Veritas-bu] disallowing restores
From: wtsmith AT maine DOT edu (Wayne T Smith)
Date: Fri, 10 Sep 2004 14:54:03 -0400
Laura.Duffy AT iibbank DOT ie wrote, in part,  on 9/10/2004 9:11 AM:

> We backup one of our servers using netbackup.
> We need to be able to configure netbackup not to be able to restore 
> back to that server under any circumstances - whether directly from 
> the netbackup GUI or through the command line on the server itself.

If by "netbackup GUI" you mean the Admin Console, and you wish to 
disallow NetBackup server restores, then there is a client configuration 
flag to do just that ("Allow Server file writes"). 

If you want to disallow the client from doing restores, then you set 
that in the NetBackup server under "Client Attributes".

cheers, wayne

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