[Veritas-bu] Veritas Netbackup host.xlate file?

2003-12-31 02:51:23
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Veritas Netbackup host.xlate file?
From: r.degroot AT dto.tudelft DOT nl (Ruben de Groot)
Date: 31 Dec 2003 08:51:23 +0100
On Tue, 2003-12-30 at 16:05, Crowsonv AT mont.disa DOT mil wrote:
> We use Veritas Netbackup DataCenter 4.5G at our Data Center.  I have a few
> systems we support that can't be registered in our local DNS.  We are having
> trouble connecting to these systems and running backups.  We have put them
> in local files on the master server and can ping, nslookup(forward/reverse)
> using files....but still can't connect via netbackup.  Has anyone used the
> /usr/openv/netbackup/db/altnames/host.xlate file for hostname resolution
> issues like this?

We've had similar problems, related to the clients not being able to
resolve the master/mediaserver's IP addresses to their hostnames.
Putting these servers in the hosts file on the clients (which is a very
ugly workaround) solved this problem.


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