[Veritas-bu] this weeks new feature

2003-12-23 21:15:28
Subject: [Veritas-bu] this weeks new feature
From: RLMarkham AT hafeleamericas DOT com (Markham, Richard)
Date: Tue, 23 Dec 2003 21:15:28 -0500
I had to do a 'touch /reconfigure' on a host and after cleaning up
/dev/rmt I wanted to verify the tape drive mappings.

I'm getting the following:

# tpautoconf -t
The Global Device DB hostname is invalid.

# tpautoconf -set_gdbhost tl1
Could not set globalDB hostname to tl1
Cannot execute command, permission denied

# vmglob set_gdbhost -h tl1
failed sending request to vmd (69)
(I bounced services on the media server and then got:)
# vmoprcmd
not authorized to connect to vmd (126)
(although, "vmoprcmd -h tl1" works)

There is a SERVER= entry for this host on both the master
server and itself in bp.conf and this server has been and existant
media server for a couple years.  Out of ideas at the moment.

Solaris 8
Netbackup Business Server 3.4.2

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