[Veritas-bu] FP6 Client Gotchas? <More Info>

2003-12-22 19:15:25
Subject: [Veritas-bu] FP6 Client Gotchas? <More Info>
From: mclausen AT csit.fsu DOT edu (Matt Clausen)
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 19:15:25 -0500
Matt Clausen wrote:

> Anyone have any ideas why a Solaris9 client can no longer talk to the 
> NetBackup master server (running Linux FP6)? It's not a firewall... I 
> can connect to the Netbackup services ports just fine... but I can not 
> communicate with the clients via the Host Properties or command line 
> tools such as bpgp. I can however talk to some other boxes just fine, 
> right out of the install.
> The GA & MP5 release I was running prior to jumping to the feature packs 
> worked just fine, so the only thing I can think of is I'm being bit by 
> an authentication issue of some sort, but have no idea what.
> I did add all my IP blocks to the methods_allow.txt file in 
> /usr/openv/var/auth but really can't see anything else I need to tweak.

Here's a little bit more information... this is about all I can get NBU 
to spit out at the moment... This is the log snippet from bpcd (which 
has been sanitized a little bit):

18:59:29.881 [20959] <2> bpcd main: offset to GMT 18000
18:59:29.881 [20959] <2> logconnections: BPCD ACCEPT FROM X.X.X.X.657 TO 
18:59:29.881 [20959] <2> bpcd main: setup_sockopts complete
18:59:29.891 [20959] <2> bpcd main: no authentication required
18:59:29.919 [20959] <2> print_arp_info: (X.X.X.X) 
-- no entry
18:59:29.921 [20959] <2> bpcd peer_hostname: Connection from host (X.X.X.X) port 657
18:59:29.921 [20959] <2> bpcd valid_server: comparing 
<server> and <server>
18:59:29.922 [20959] <4> bpcd valid_server: hostname comparison succeeded
18:59:29.922 [20959] <16> bpcd main: read failed: Illegal seek

My big question is what is supposed to happen after the hostname 
comparison? This is where the problem with accessing my client is 
happening. So far two clients which are running Solaris (8 & 9) have 
failed with this error... then I have a Linux box which failed with a 
slightly different error which is kinda oxymoronic:

19:03:47.030 [8868] <16> bpcd main: read failed: Success

It gets even more interesting when I run the 'bpclntcmd -pn' command 
which gives me:

expecting response from server

Which when I looked up this behavior, it pointed to problems with my 
bp.conf file (on the client) which is:


I've tried reinstalling the FP6 clients, but have not had much luck. All 
these clients were able to run MP5 clients when I had a MP5 Master 
Server without any difficulties.

I'm completely befuddled on this and about ready to chuck NBU out the 
window. I really wish Veritas could code in some better error 
reporting... that's my biggest problem with this program.

Matthew R. Clausen                                 mclausen AT csit.fsu DOT edu
Computational Science & Information Technology
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