[Veritas-bu] Designating tapes for Catalog Backups.

2003-12-22 15:08:18
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Designating tapes for Catalog Backups.
From: cheryl.king AT intrado DOT com (King, Cheryl)
Date: Mon, 22 Dec 2003 13:08:18 -0700
Check the SAG page 158, where it talks about Configuring Catalog Backups -> 
Attributes Tab -> Media ID.  It states that the volume must be in the NetBackup 
volume pool.

I was told in Advanced class to only use the NetBackup pool for catalog 
backups.  I changed the policies that used NetBackup to other pools and changed 
the tapes to the new pools (all through the GUI) and everything is fine.

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> Thanks for the multiple responses to my problem, but all responses refer to
> putting the Catalog backups in a special pool.  This is not possible due to
> the way our script that performs the catalog backup.  It uses bpsyncinfo to
> specify the catalog backup tape, and that tape must be a member of the
> "NetBackup" pool which also contains client backups.  Is there another way
> that does not involve volume pools?

You could "assign" the tapes manually with vmquery.  Give it the same
status as other catalog tapes (0x1 I believe).  Then the volume will
never be assigned to Netbackup for backups.

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