[Veritas-bu] Restore fails on second tape?

2003-12-17 16:12:37
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Restore fails on second tape?
From: mcavoy76 AT hotmail DOT com (Chris McAvoy)
Date: Wed, 17 Dec 2003 15:12:37 -0600
I'm trying to do a restore between a HP 11.00 and HP 11.11 machine with NBU
3.4 (3.4_5 patch), 9840 SAN attached drive.  This is a Production ->
Development restore that we do about once a month.  We recently swapped out
the development system with a 11.11 machine.

I'm trying to do a restore, but the job consistently fails on the second
tape.  I've tried the backup with two different sets of tapes, and have
gotten the same result both times.  From the log files:

14:33:25 (67318.001) invalid tar header encountered, attempting to continue
14:34:15 (67318.001) unknown file type Q encountered, continuing to process
file  (size 0)

The job tries to continue, but fails.

The first tape restores fine.

Any idea what this is?  I've done several google / veritas support searches.

Chris McAvoy

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