[Veritas-bu] DataCenter v4.5 FP6 Release

2003-12-16 21:30:15
Subject: [Veritas-bu] DataCenter v4.5 FP6 Release
From: Len.Boyle AT sas DOT com (Len Boyle)
Date: Tue, 16 Dec 2003 21:30:15 -0500
I did a little looking around on and found the following in 
one of the zillion mp6 readme files. It also said that mp6 could not be 
installed over fp3. There was no reference to mp3. 
Note MP6 will be a prerequisite for installing all subsequent patches. Since 
MP6 is a full CD release, there

is no mechanism to uninstall only MP6, as there is when the pack installer is 
used. Future 4.5 patches

will use the VERITAS pack installer.




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        Concerning original poster, all the other FPâ??s required FP3 as a 
base.  My bet would be FP6 is no different.  The reason is that 4.5FP3 was 
technically a Full release, not a patch release.  Marketing wanted it to be on 
the same release train as the MP line so they called it FP3 to match MP3.  
However, it is not a patch install.


        So 4.5FP3 would be the base install from which all subsequent patches 
are applied.





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        Hello Scott 


        The last time I looked I did not see fp6 on the web 
page. But given that I could not check, I have have not heard that fp6 or mp6 
remove the need for the base CD Installation. 


        Another thought on the upgrade issue. 

        Last week we did hear that fp3 will be last of the releases of that 

        At a local meeting a veritas speaker did ask for feedback on the 
following question. Note: this is my wording and not his. Should veritas  bring 
out minor releases on a shorter intervals with less changes. Or bring out fewer 
new releases but with more new features in each. 



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                Subject: [Veritas-bu] DataCenter v4.5 FP6 Release




                Does installing FP6 (or MP6 for that matter) still require the 
FP3/MP3 Base CD installation first?


                Thanks in advance.


                Scott J.