[Veritas-bu] VSP leaving drives behind

2003-12-12 12:05:12
Subject: [Veritas-bu] VSP leaving drives behind
From: Dan.Otto AT veritas DOT com (Dan Otto)
Date: Fri, 12 Dec 2003 11:05:12 -0600
If you use anti-Virus scanning software, configure it to filter only
incoming packets not out bound. Usually filtering on only inbound
packets doesn't cause problems.

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Subject: RE: [Veritas-bu] VSP leaving drives behind

We have an open case with Veritas on this very same problem.  We have
the only way to eliminate these files is to reboot.  We have also been
FP6 may fix the problem.  (We will not know if this works for sure until
get binaries installed.)  

Veritas blames this problem on other applications, generally anti-virus
software.  Their first suggestion to us was to turn off VSP altogether.
This is no solution for backups then miss open files.  Their next
was to try turning off the anti-virus software via bpstart_notify and
bpend_notify scripts.  This also did not work for us.

Here is a quote from support on this problem:

"I would like to add that with the cache file not being deleted issue it
is not always an easy fix just to stop the anti-virus services during
the backup.  Most of the time it is an anti-virus application that is
causing the problem but in other cases, it is software such as
DiskXtender from Legato and StorageScope from EMC.  Luckily EMC's new
version resolves this issue, but so far with DiskXtender, we do not have
a work around.  Most customers using DiskXtender cannot shut it down
during the backups."

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] VSP leaving drives behind

I am running 4.5 FP 5 on a Solaris master server and have discovered on
a Windows 2000 Client with VSP enabled that when VSP screws up and
causes the job to fail, it is not getting rid of the snapshot drives it
created. rebooting the machine cleans them up, but stopping and
starting the Netbackup client service does not. Does anyone know of a
way to clean up the snapshot drives without rebooting the client?

This would not be so bad, except the drive it's snapshotting is 400 Gig
and NetBackup thinks it is a valid drive. So the next time it runs a
backup job, it thinks it is supposed to back up the snapshot drive AND
the real drive, making 800 Gig of backups instead of 400 Gig. Yuck.

David Rock
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