[Veritas-bu] Script help, bpdbjobs...

2003-12-10 11:15:35
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Script help, bpdbjobs...
From: David Rock <dave-bu AT graniteweb DOT com> (David Rock)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 10:15:35 -0600
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* Lewick, Taylor <tlewick AT hrblock DOT com> [2003-12-10 09:36]:
> Hey all, I wrote a script using bpdbjobs to show me the status of only
> the last 24 hours backups,
> Then further broke it down to show me only failures for Unix and NT
> clients.
> However, if a job intitially has a failure, but then succeeds on the
> second attempt, I still see the first failure.  That is okay, but does
> anyone know of a command line way to see how many times a job was
> attempted, or to only see the last attempt..?

If you are talking about the number of tries, it should be showing the
last try's status code. Are your attempts within the same jobid, or are
they different jobs?

David Rock
david AT graniteweb DOT com

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