[Veritas-bu] Remote administration on XP

2003-12-10 10:28:30
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Remote administration on XP
From: CONNELLS AT bronsonhg DOT org (Stephen Connellee)
Date: Wed, 10 Dec 2003 10:28:30 -0500
What Stephen is suggesting is that he actually installed the server
software onto his XP machine so that the XP machine became a server.

I was a tad un-clear when I said that I "set my XP machine up as a
server". What I meant was that I added, within the Server field on the
Master Server, the entry for my XP box. I did not setup the actual
Netbackup Server services on my XP machine. Since I did that I have not
had any problems accessing the activity monitor or the policies.

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Subject: RE: [Veritas-bu] Remote administration on XP
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 15:35:45 +1100

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Hi guys,


Thanks for getting back to me.


Anthony, I'll try the entries in the bp.conf anf vm.conf file as


The problem I'm been having is referenced in the following link:


The only difference here is that I have a Solaris server acting as the
master server.


I have restarted the daemons on the Netbackup server after I have
the XP client to the server list.


As David Chapa says in the email perhaps it's an XP supportability
but I couldn't seem to find anything.


Any ideas??


We did actually get a response from Stephen who had the original
problem. This is what he had to say:



> There are two options that you can use for accessing the

> Solaris box. First is the Java client (which looks almost 

> like the Windows version), and of course the Windows client. 

> When accessing via the Java client, it logs in using a local 

> username on the UNIX machine and there are no real additional 

> steps that you need to use, provided you are logging in as 

> the ROOT user. 

> With the Windows client, I had to set my XP machine as a 

> Server in order for the Activity monitor to actually work. 

> You must also make sure that there is an entry within the 

> server's host file for the XP machine. From there everything 

> seemed to work fine.


> Hope this helps...


What Stephen is suggesting is that he actually installed the server
software onto his XP machine so that the XP machine became a server.




I will attempt the entries in the bp.conf, vm.conf and will let you
how that goes. I'll also try what Stephen suggests if editing those
files fails.


Thanks for your help.





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try adding the ip and netbiosname of the xp box to the solaris hosts
/etc/hosts file, and make sure the bp.conf has the netbiosname in it
server = <name>. and the vm.conf too, but only if there are other
= entries in that file already.  Even if dns entries exist, try this.



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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Remote administration on XP


Hi there,


I'm looking after a site running NetBackup Business server 4.5 on


The issue that I am having is that I am trying to run the remote
administration console on a Windows XP system.


I have added the XP host to the servers list. I can view everything
except the Activity Monitor, and the Policies.


When I try to connect to the activity monitor I get: "Not connected,
check if services are up" 


There is a post from David Chapa in the archives about 6 months ago as
to the stability of the support of XP and the administrative console
I have checked the site and I come up with


Is XP not a supported option for the remote administration console??


Has anyone come across this??


Is there a patch or fix for this problems??





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