[Veritas-bu] Media 84 /85 erros

2003-12-09 06:43:18
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Media 84 /85 erros
From: Len.Boyle AT sas DOT com (Len Boyle)
Date: Tue, 9 Dec 2003 06:43:18 -0500
Hello Imran
One thought that comes to mind, is that you might have one or more tapes that 
are bad. 
Regards len

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        Subject: [Veritas-bu] Media 84 /85 erros

        We have a 16 Windows 2000 clients backing up on dedicated gigabit LAN 
to window 2000 backup server which has a FC card installed. A Scalar 100 
library which has SAN module and so takes FC from backup server and converts to 
SCSI connected to 4 LTO drives
        This has been working OK for 4 months and suddenly started getting 
mainly media write 84 error and some error 85 First it was for one or two of 
the scheduled jobs now it occurs on randomly across different jobs. The drives 
keep getting 'Downed any afterwards ideas


        When looking at the logs and reports the following is written


        "Tar write error (10054)"

        Any ideas what this could be, I have cleaned the drives but still 


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