[Veritas-bu] Tapes being assigned to 'DBBACKUP'

2003-12-08 04:33:30
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Tapes being assigned to 'DBBACKUP'
From: timothy.arnold AT DOT uk (Timothy Arnold)
Date: Mon, 8 Dec 2003 09:33:30 -0000
Hi all,

Something odd is going on. This weekend I found that some backups failed due to 
media being unavailable. I checked where the media was assigned using 
'available_media' and found that three of my tapes was set to 'DBBACKUP' and 
not to full, active or available.

000084  DLT      TLD      0       4      -       -     -        DBBACKUP
000087  DLT      TLD      0       11     -       -     -        DBBACKUP

Here is my configuration. As you can see it should be manually initiated:

  Sequence # 1    Last Media Used: (none!)

    Written             Allocated           Type   Density  Media
    ------------------- ------------------- ----   -------  -----

  Paths Included:

Now here is the weird thing. When I run bpmedialist I get:

$ bpmedialist -ev 000084
Server Host = micha

 id     rl  images   allocated        last updated      density  kbytes restores
           vimages   expiration       last read         <------- STATUS ------->
000084   0      5   12/06/2003 23:11  12/07/2003 01:58     dlt  46672416       0
                5   12/14/2003 01:58        N/A           FULL

The first thing I notice is that the tape is reporting to be full and contains 
quite a lot of data... Any ideas?


PS: I occasionally get '$ bpmedialist -ev 000084
Could not obtain report from host micha, can't connect to client' - could this 
be something to do with it?

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