[Veritas-bu] Where in NBU are drive settings (LTO-1 and LTO-2 ) tuned separatel y?

2003-12-05 19:06:29
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Where in NBU are drive settings (LTO-1 and LTO-2 ) tuned separatel y?
From: Aren.Parisi AT wwireless DOT com (Parisi, Aren)
Date: Fri, 5 Dec 2003 16:06:29 -0800
Joost! I apologize, we are indeed using LTO-1 tapes with LTO-1 drives and
LTO-2 tapes with the LTO-2 drives.
I should have made that statement in my issue header information.  We are
going to try monkeying with the atdd_cfg info David C. pointed out.  Thank
you so much for your expert advise.  Aren

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tuned separatel y?

Hi Aren, 

No, you don't need to install two different drivers for the LTO[12]

You have LTO1 and LTO2 drives in your ADIC lib., right?

There are LT01 and LTO2 cartridges (tapes) on the market. LTO2 drives CAN
LTO1 cartridges, but with a "limited" speed of 20MB/s. To get 30 (or 35)
MB/s in 
an LTO2 drive, you need to use LTO2 tapes in it. If you purchased your tapes

from IBM: LTO1 cartridges are black and LTO2 cartridges are purple. 

Best regards, Joost

>Hello Joost,
>What do you mean by "LTO1 media"? We use the atdd driver, ver 
>GES IBM magstar ultrium tape device driver, the devices show "CLAIMED" 
>on ioscan to all of the LTO (1 & 2)devices with this software, are you 
>telling me that with HP-UX you must install two separate drivers and bind
each by hand?

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>Subject: Re: [Veritas-bu] Where in NBU are drive settings (LTO-1 and LTO-2)
>tuned separatel y?
>Hi Aren,
>Two notes on your question:
>1. Media
>Make sure you are using LTO2 media in your LT02 drives. With IBM drives 
>(and I think the others as well), using LTO1 media in an LTO2 drives 
>reduces the max.
>throughput to 20MB/s. 
>Make sure you have /usr/openv/netbackup/db/config/SIZE_DATA_BUFFERS 
>file on your media server(s) with a value of 262144 (256K) in it. This 
>file controls the size
>of the data buffers yadiyadiyadi, but also the blocksize used to transfer
>to the drive. Using "big blocks" lowers SCSI/FC bus overhead (each block
>be sent and acknowledged) and it improves the efficency of the compression 
>algorithm in the drive: the larger the block, the more "similar" patterns
>can be 
>found and compressed.
>The above is true for all tapedrives. There are no LTO2 specific knobs.
>>NBU 3.4.1 Master:HP-UX 11i three-way service guard cluster 
>>scalar10k IBM Ultrium drives:[email protected], [email protected] same cabinet. We have 
>>just benchmarked our new LTO-2 drives and they are NO FASTER than the 
>>LTO-1 drives. Are there separate tuneables for the new drives we are 
>>not looking at?  Buffer settings, something undocumented perhaps?  We 
>>have a 3GB (bound) FC ethernet connection on the media server so I 
>>don't think it's a network bottleneck, disk is XP-512 (rebadged 
>>Hitachi) screaming fast disk.  Tested same class on each type of drive, 
>>identical runtimes. ??? Thank you experts.
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