[Veritas-bu] admin java console - 505 error

2003-07-31 17:41:03
Subject: [Veritas-bu] admin java console - 505 error
From: scurry AT yahoo-inc DOT com (Steve Curry)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 14:41:03 -0700
Out of the blue yesterday, after no upgrades... no *nothing*, one of our
backup servers stopped responding to the java admin console client.  We've
restarted the daemons and opened up a case with veritas and still nothing
has resolved this issue.  It appears as if the java piece of veritas just
went *poof*, it's no longer creating logs so I have nothing to send to
veritas support.  The specific error is 505 on the client admin console, it
doesn't realy give much info past that.  I know that the backup server is
listening on port 13722, but something appears to be sleeping on the job
when we try to connect.

Has anyone else ran into this? :(

Veritas NB: 4.5 -- latest patches
Sun Solaris 8

Steve Curry
Yahoo! Inc.

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