[Veritas-bu] Scratch Pool in 3.4GA

2003-07-31 11:49:06
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Scratch Pool in 3.4GA
From: Quarantine AT GSCCCA DOT ORG (Quarantine)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 11:49:06 -0400
>From page 77 of the media manager's guide (page is from Windows version):

Configuring the Scratch Volume Pool
The scratch pool is a special volume pool that you can optionally configure.
If a scratch
pool is configured, Media Manager moves volumes from that pool to other
pools that do
not have volumes available.
For background information, see "Scratch Volume Pools" on page 232.
To Configure the Scratch Pool
1. Add a volume pool to be used as the scratch pool (see "To Add a New
Volume Pool"
on page 74). Specify the attributes for the scratch pool as follows:
u Pool Name: Any name, except NetBackup or None. The name can be 20
characters or less, and cannot contain any spaces or special characters.
u Host Name: ANYHOST. (Do not use the check box to specify a specific host).
u Description: Scratch Pool.
2. Add volumes for each robotic or standalone device that requires them.
Follow the steps as when adding other volumes (see "Adding New Volumes" on
page 78), except in this case specify the scratch pool as the volume pool.
3. Add a SCRATCH_POOL entry to the install_path\Volmgr\vm.conf file.
See "Media Manager Configuration File (vm.conf)" on page 240 for an overview
the vm.conf file.
Note If the scratch pool does not already exist, Media Manager creates one
when you add
the SCRATCH_POOL entry to the vm.conf file.


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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Scratch Pool in 3.4GA

Hi there;

Is there a secret place in 3.4GA that you need to 'select' to define a
pool as "scratch"?  (Does the scratch pool even work under 3.4?)

I created a pool named "Scratch" and place a bunch of tapes in it.
However, my backups failed with a 96.  I remember seeing a check
box in the jnbSA pages for 4.5 that was selected to mark a pool
as the scratch pool, but I cannot find an equivalent one using
jnbSA under 3.4.


(Is jnbSA under 3.4 really supposed to be so slow....?)

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