[Veritas-bu] 9840 tape drive question

2003-07-31 11:12:16
Subject: [Veritas-bu] 9840 tape drive question
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Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 11:12:16 -0400
To echo Johnny:  I sure wish I had the capacity of the 9940B, and FC is
definitely the way to go.


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I don't think you will get that performance out of the drives in a mixed 
On very large files it should work, but on normal fileservers you will have 
to have a lot of multiplexing to get it.

If you don't need the extremely fast loadtime and positioning of the 9840B 
drives I would look into 9940B. They are faster (except for load and 
positioning) and they can hold a lot more data per tape.

We use our 9940B's in a windows only installation, but if you have a lot of 
data I would look into using Solaris for the master and media servers.

I would also go for a FC only solution.


At 17:18 30-07-2003 -0500, Letnes, David G. wrote:

>   I am trying to calculate how many drives it will take to backup our data
>for a new silo we are pricing out.  The tape drives will be 9840's and I am
>using the max speed of 18 MBps which is about 65 Gig an hour?    The
>I am using looks like this...
>                            Backup Data Volume
>                      ------------------------------------------
>= How many drives you will need
>                 Tape drive throughput    *    backup window
>The speed I rated the 9840 tape drive; is that about 65 Gig an hour?
>Are there any other formulas people use to determine how many tape drives
>you will need?
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