[Veritas-bu] 9840 tape drive question

2003-07-31 07:49:05
Subject: [Veritas-bu] 9840 tape drive question
From: spe08 AT DOT us (Spearman, David)
Date: Thu, 31 Jul 2003 07:49:05 -0400

Depends on a lot things but for openers which 9840? A, B or C model. If
A or B is it scsi or san? At the moment we are running 9840A scsi
attached drives (10 in an L700 silo). We only use nine maximum at an
average throughput of 90mb/s in a mixed w2k,unix environment. 78
machines of varying age, most at 100 full network speed, a few up to
2gb. The other pressing concern is of course do you have the horsepower
to feed the drives? Big pipes, fast processors and lots of memory. 

David Spearman
County of Henrico, Va.

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Subject: [Veritas-bu] 9840 tape drive question

  I am trying to calculate how many drives it will take to backup our
for a new silo we are pricing out.  The tape drives will be 9840's and I
using the max speed of 18 MBps which is about 65 Gig an hour?    The
I am using looks like this...

                           Backup Data Volume
= How many drives you will need
                Tape drive throughput    *    backup window

The speed I rated the 9840 tape drive; is that about 65 Gig an hour?

Are there any other formulas people use to determine how many tape
you will need?


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