[Veritas-bu] 9840 tape drive question

2003-07-30 18:18:41
Subject: [Veritas-bu] 9840 tape drive question
From: david.letnes AT unisys DOT com (Letnes, David G.)
Date: Wed, 30 Jul 2003 17:18:41 -0500
  I am trying to calculate how many drives it will take to backup our data
for a new silo we are pricing out.  The tape drives will be 9840's and I am
using the max speed of 18 MBps which is about 65 Gig an hour?    The formula
I am using looks like this...

                           Backup Data Volume
= How many drives you will need
                Tape drive throughput    *    backup window

The speed I rated the 9840 tape drive; is that about 65 Gig an hour?

Are there any other formulas people use to determine how many tape drives
you will need?


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