[Veritas-bu] Finding tape numbers without starting a restore.

2003-07-25 09:44:35
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Finding tape numbers without starting a restore.
From: Vivek.Prasad AT in.standardchartered DOT com (Vivek.Prasad AT in.standardchartered DOT com)
Date: Fri, 25 Jul 2003 19:14:35 +0530
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If you are using jnbSA for restore, you can use preview button which shows
you tape required without restoring the files.


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From: "Eikenberry, Marcus - CIDS-2" <mjeikenberry AT bpa DOT gov>
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Subject: [Veritas-bu] Finding tape numbers without starting a restore.

Netbackup V4.5 mp2

Does anyone know if tape numbers that would be needed for a restore can be
looked up without actually starting a restore?  Our normal process we use
here is that we keep our tapes offsite.  So when we do a restore we
generally need to call to have tapes sent back to our location.  I have
been getting the tape numbers by starting a restore and letting the system
tell me what tapes are needed.  I don't like this method of finding the
tape numbers though.  I always worry that one of these days I'll assume
that a tape is not in the robot.  I'll go to get the tape number and the
darn tape will be there and the restore will start when I am not ready.
This could be bad in some cases.

Is there another way to look up the tapes that need to be recalled?

Marcus Eikenberry
Server Operations
United States Department of Energy
Bonneville Power Administration

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