[Veritas-bu] LTO Tape Reliability

2003-07-23 19:17:39
Subject: [Veritas-bu] LTO Tape Reliability
From: Ken.Antos AT DOT us (Ken.Antos AT DOT us)
Date: Wed, 23 Jul 2003 19:17:39 -0400
I have been using NetBackup Data Center 4.5, MP3 for close to 8 months. Our
management wanted NEW technology but continue to want me to use OLD
procedures. I am having to use a different tape daily for Cumulative
Incremental and a different tape each Friday for Fulls. They are afraid if a
cumulative has data on it for more than a day and the tape Breaks I will
loose data for a whole week. I am searching the web for statistics on how
often an LTO tape breaks in a tape library. I have had it happen once while
a new tape got loaded and stuck in a bad tape drive. My goal is to come up
with enough info to support my using NetBackup the way it is suppose to be.
The management the way I am doing it now by having to freeze and unfreeze
tape and moving expired tapes back into scratch is already a nightmare
getting worse daily.

Any ideas will be appreciated,

Ken Antos
Server Support
State Office Building
501 High St.
Frankfort, KY
502.564.8900 x269
After 4:30 PM Cell Phone 502.564.2987

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