[Veritas-bu] Migrating from Legato

2003-07-11 06:19:00
Subject: [Veritas-bu] Migrating from Legato
From: Mark T Wragge" <storage AT ttt DOT ie (Mark T Wragge)
Date: Fri, 11 Jul 2003 11:19:00 +0100
I would not imagine that there is a migration path/tool.  You would just
have to Switch from one system to another.   You would have to 'store' the
current legato tapes seperate from the netbackup tapes until they are no
longer required.  Have a legato server available to allow for file
recoveries and you would need a tape device available to this server.

1) Networker and Netbackup use different database types to store catalogs or
Indexes/media database.
2) The format that they write data to tape is different (tar vs otf).
3) The methodology of configuring the systems is different (policies vs
groups, no storage units, client options etc).
4) I have had problems when using one tape in networker and then trying to
use it in Netbackup (when demonstrating the products in a test lab).  The
software detects an unknown format and may mark the tape as bad OR fail when
attempting to label it.  I have had to use a method to erase the current
label on the tape and then give the tape back to the backup product and it
should label successfully.

> Message: 9
> Date: Wed,  9 Jul 2003 20:12:54 -0600
> From: jennifer AT goo-rooz DOT com
> To: veritas-bu AT mailman.eng.auburn DOT edu
> Subject: [Veritas-bu] Migrating from Legato
> Has anyone 'migrated' from Legato to NBU.  Not SWITCHED, but had an actual
> migration path?  Curious what the procedure and path was.
> Thanks

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