[Veritas-bu] NetBackup 4.5 with client behind Firewall

2003-07-10 09:26:27
Subject: [Veritas-bu] NetBackup 4.5 with client behind Firewall
From: dan.sixbury AT aquila DOT com (Sixbury, Dan)
Date: Thu, 10 Jul 2003 08:26:27 -0500

I have seen a number of things on backing up clients behind firewalls, but 
wanted to run this past people since I just found out today that things are 
considerably different with version 4.5.  

The group managing NetBackup have a NT master server, and I have a Unix client 
behind a firewall.  I was trying to determine what the minimum number of 
required ports are for backing up and restoring the client that is behind the 
firewall.  I also need to know the direction the ports are required to be open. 
 The network group (who maintains the firewall) always wants to know if the 
ports need to be open for incoming or outgoing traffic (i.e. client to master 
server or vice versa.)  The NetBackup admin was telling me that you can 
configure a specific number of ports to be open for backups, but I had always 
thought you had to have a range of ports open.  Maybe this is the difference 
with 4.5?

The last time I worked with backups through a firewall, it seemed like a ton of 
ports had to be opened and it was a real hassle.  I had heard that it is much 
easier to do with NetBackup 4.5, but wanted to confirm the ports being opened, 
and also any updated configuration changes that had to be made to either the 
master/media servers and the client.

I believe we are using a PIX firewall.

Thank You.

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